Seasonal Harvests

A wide variety of flavorful and nutritious foods are produced or harvested at Hawk’s Cry Farm. Grown at the pace of nature, the availability of this produce is seasonal and highly variable.

Hawk’s Cry Production

Hawk’s Cry Harvests

  • Morel Mushrooms – These much coveted and mysterious mushrooms grow throughout the Hawk’s Cry Farm woodlands in early spring.
  • Maple Syrup – Jeanna’s family has a long history making syrup on the Stockbridge Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin. Future plans include tapping into the abundant sugar maples on the Hawk' s Cry ridge tops.
  • Hickory Nuts – Hawk’s Cry Farm is blessed with an abundance of Shagbark Hickory Trees. The nuts are collected in mid to late fall, if we can get to them before the squirrels!
  • Black Berries and Raspberries – A late spring and early summer treat, found throughout the Hawk’s Cry woods.