Hawk’s Cry Farm begins
at the far end of a country
road in southwestern Wisconsin.
Nestled serenely into the Ocooch
Mountains, 120 acres of ancient
ridges and valleys remain intact,
undisturbed by the last glacier. Abundant
hardwood stands overlook wide spans of
rich land and prairie grasses.

On the farm, Black Angus cattle graze peacefully on
the brilliant hillside pastures. Fields of golden grass hay
are carefully rolled and stored for winter feed. Heirloom
hens roam freely, coming home to share their nutritious
and flavorful eggs. The woodlands yield maple syrup, morel
mushrooms, nuts, berries and other wild treats. Honey is
harvested at summer’s end. This is Hawk’s Cry Farm: A place
where hearty food is slow-grown at the pace of nature.

This is also home to the Hawk’s Cry Stained Glass Studio, and to the Hawk’s Cry Haiku Workshop. The art and poetry of these endeavors truly reflect the natural beauty and energy of Hawk’s Cry Farm.