About Hawk's Cry Haiku Workshop

The Hawk’s Cry Haiku Workshop is a compilation of haiku related works from the desk of Mark Alan Osterhaus*. Mark’s published haiku poetry, haiku book reviews, research, observations and recommended links to the haiku community can all be found on this site.

Mark has been involved with haiku since 1980 when he first met Robert (Bob) Spiess, the longtime editor and publisher of the Modern Haiku journal. Through this chance meeting he discovered Haiku poetry and forged a friendship that lasted until Bob’s passing in March of 2002.

Bob was a patient mentor for Mark’s development as a haiku poet. Mark began submitting his work for publication in 1986 and he has been involved in the haiku community, in one way or another, since.

In 2009, Mark will publish his first haiku book, “When Glaciers Melt.” If you are interested in the book please join our email list and you will be notified when it becomes available.

When Mark is not at his desk writing haiku, he is most likely tending to the chores of Hawk’s Cry Farm, where he lives and works.

*The Hawk’s Cry Haiku Workshop is the official website for the haiku related work of Mark Alan Osterhaus, replacing his original “Haiku Home” website.

The written copy, designs, poetry and photographs on the pages of the Hawk’s Cry Farm, Hawk’s Cry Stained Glass Studio, and Hawk’s Cry Haiku Workshop websites (unless noted otherwise) is original and copyrighted and may not be copied or reproduced without written permission of Mark and Jeanna Osterhaus.