Haiku Published in Online Journals

The 2012 THF Haiku App – The Haiku Foundation

breaking the ice
I tell the cattle
it is almost spring
Originally Published in The Heron's Nest XI:2 (2009)

Haiku Light

first snow ~
a waking child
breaks the silence
last light ~
a stop sign's shadow
fading into the snow
daylight moon ~
a bald eagle skims
the frozen pond
February 1998
sleeping lovers
pages of a book
turning in the breeze
hands scratched red
gently cupping
the ripest raspberries
his long shadow
stretching into the pond
a white water lily folds
December 1997

Per Diem: Daily Haiku – The Haiku Foundation

the sunset spreads
endless prairie
Originally Published in The Red Moon Anthology 1996

Reflections – A Haiku Diary

torrential rains ~
my ailing neighbor
sprinkling the flower bed
darkening morning sky ~
black-eyed susans
brighter yet
way below a sandstone cliff
the stream's soft bank
September 1997
the tiny ant
carelessly passing through
my shadow
thin shadows
of a budding tree
in her face
solitary oak
last fall's leaves
holding fast
June 1997


lily pads
cradling rain drops
reflecting clouds
5 May 2008 – “Today's featured haiku/poet

Voices of Poetry

in her hands
a budding twig
the shape of a tree
lily pads
cradling rain drops
reflecting clouds
heading into port ~
the keel quiet
in a following sea
July 1997